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Saturday, August 4th 2012

4:25 PM

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Related article: stepped forward and shoved Amos Junior into my mouth, held my lips closed
around him and drained himself down over my tongue. I drank every last drop
without loosing as much as a drop, ending with sucking his foreskin dry and
clean with my tongue. He said, "That's my girl, no training needed!" He
told me I could take a shower, but I told him I wanted his scent all over
me if he did not mind. He handed me a wash rag and a towel and told me to
clean up downstairs if it was sore with warm soapy water. He left the room,
returned with my butt plug and the tube of KY, told me to clean it up and
put it back in. He had my ID in his hand. So, you live just three blocks
from here on Scott Street Joey. I hope you will visit often. I work here in
this complex full time. I am the maintenance man and manager of this
apartment complex for free rent and a preteens have erections suitable salary. I have no specific
hours, so you can drop by anytime, best to call first though so I'll be in
the apartment and not out working on something. The place is five stories,
ten apartments per floor and the old girl requires a lot of fixing
sometimes. He handed his card with his telephone number to me to look at
for a minute. He then took the ID and card from me and told me he would put
them in my coat pocket.
When I joined him, he was dressed, sitting in a big overstuffed chair
watching the TV. I dressed and crawled up into his lap and put my arms
around his neck and sniffed extreme preteen porn on him. I said, "Amos, you sure made me feel
good today, can I just say awhile yet Sir?" He answered, "Sure can Babe,
you hungry or thirsty? I was thinking of having some cold chicken, potato
salad, I have left from last night with a Pepsi. You interested doll?"
"Sure, what time is it now?" He answered, "Almost noon already; no wonder
we are hungry Joey! What time you suppose to be home baby?" He lifted me
off his lap to my feet. "Dinner is at 5pm Sir; I have to be back before
then." He showed his teeth again in that big smile. "Well, in that case,
get out of those duds nonnude preteen usenet again. We will eat something, have a little nap so
Amos Junior can get his second wind and maybe I can get this blackie
another piece of that hot tail of yours before you have to leave. I ain't a
teenager no more, takes a while to get the old heart pumping it up now that
I am 38 years old Joey. Some food and a nap should fix that up for us. You
plum tuckered me out with that hot ass of yours girl! Strip again while I
get the fix-ins set out for lunch so I can just admire you some more. You
are one beautiful pussy boy Joey!"
I look forward to your emails. It gives me a reason to continue with this
story - like a shot of adrenaline. Email your comments and suggestions to:
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:12:46 -0700
From: Bert Carley
Subject: Cub Boy Training - Page 7
Cub Boy Training #7: Amos, the black Adonis - The Skinhead Experience - Oh
When Amos realized I did not have to be home until 5pm, he showed his
beautiful white teeth again in that big smile. He then said, "Well, in that
case, get out of those duds again. We will eat something, have a little nap
so Amos Junior here candid voyeur preteen can get his second wind. I'll get me another piece of
that hot white tail of yours before you have to leave boy. I ain't a
teenager no more, takes a while to get the old heart pumping it up now that
I am 38 years old. Some food and a nap should fix that. You plum tuckered
me out with that hot ass of yours girl! Strip again while I get the fix-ins
set out for lunch so I can just admire you some more while we eat. You are
one beautiful pussy boy Joey.
"Amos Sir would you get nude again for me to admire too! You're just about
the most handsome black man I have ever seen, especially when you smile and
show those big white teeth?" He answered, "You're embarrassing me boy, but
sure if it will preteen tiny angel make you happy." He began to strip, tossing each item of
his clothing at me as he disrobed, making it a game, including his shoes
and socks. I did the same thing to him, catching him off guard once in
awhile and hitting him with one of my items. We would catch each piece and
toss it on his sofa in a big pile. We laughed and he chased me around the
room until he caught me by my hips with his massive hands. He lifted me up
over his head, sat me on his shoulder and carried me like a sack of
potatoes headed for the kitchen. Between laughing and the horseplay, as he
spun around and around, bumping into things, he finally sat me down on the
kitchen counter. My preteen fashion pics
head was whirling and he was obviously dizzy too, as
his face nestled into my crotch and inhaled my boy scent. When he regained
his footing he raised his head up to mine, smiled and put those big suction
cups over my lips, sucked them right up into his and slurped them back and
forth, nipping them gently with his teeth. I had never felt anything quite
so intimate. When he broke away, I felt I preteens hc would like him to do that forever
to me.
After he filled the table with the leftovers of cold fried chicken, potato
salad and some macaroni and cheese, ass preteens sex he put one table setting on the
table. He sat down, patted his lap, indicating I should sit there. I did,
rubbing my ass cheeks against Amos Junior and he started to feed me like a
baby with the one fork. I finger ate the chicken, but the macaroni and
cheese and potato salad he fed to me. One bite for me, then one for him,
using the same fork. Even the glass of milk he had pored we shared. Every
one in awhile he would turn my head to him, looked at me, then wipe my
mouth with a napkin. When we were finished eating, he lifted me down on my
feet and started cleaning up and putting away the foodstuff. We washed the
chicken fat off our fingers swimsuit preteen pics
and he lifted me into his arms and carried me
to his bed. He snuggled up next to me, pulled up the sheet over us and we
both were quickly cutting Z's. I awoke in his arms with him pulling my butt
plug out. He sat it on his nightstand, this time he preteens have erections didn't put on a rubber,
slowly pushed Amos Junior into me and rotated him pics illegal preteen over my bean until I was
working back against him and breathing hard. He took a firm elite preteen naturist grasp on my
cock, squeezed it to keep me from ejaculating, and started to rut me with
an intensity nudist preteens pageants and single purpose - to pleasure us both. He kept whispering
in my ear. "Making you preteen mini girlz happy Baby! This big black man is making you happy
"Oh Amos, what you do to me!" This set him into lusting mode, as he pounded
his groin against my bottom. He turned into a wild stallion rutting,
chewing and biting on my neck polish preteen model and shoulders. He released my cock from his
strangle hold around the base and moaned, "Shoot Baby! Shoot for Amos!" preteen suck cock My
release took him over the top and we both shared the joy of ejaculating
together. As we calmed, he turned me to him; his lips fell over
mine. Again, he nibbled and sucked on my lips as before. He lay doing this
for so very long, then rolled over, sitting on the edge of the bed for a
few minutes just thinking before raising to his feet. He turned, lifted me
into his arms, carried me into the bathroom, sat me on his toilet and told
me to stay. His sperm trickled from me as he filled his large old-fashioned
claw foot bathtub with hot bubble bath. He crawled in and motioned me to
join him. I crawled in and sat between his legs and we just soaked in the
warm water together until I felt him sliding down, pulling me back enough
to line me up with the head of Amos Junior. He slid me down over him again
and in the soapy water slid my back up and down over him. He soaped up my
cock again and he put my legs up over his thighs and jacked me as he
plunged Junior into him. Water was splashing over the edges of the tub when
he brought us both to a climax. He pushed his feet against the end of the
tub back into the sitting position and we just sat there until Junior
relaxed and plopped out into the warm water. He stuck his fingers into me
and cleaned me out well, then lifted me up and our bath was complete. I
dried, dressed and was on my way home at 4:25pm with the butt plug clean
and again inserted to keep me dilated and ready for action.
After dinner I washed the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen as usual, I went
up to my bedroom and checked for an email from Master Jake. He had sent me
instructions to come to his house at 9:00am Thursday, two days from today
and the Major and he would start my dungeon training. I looked out the
window over at Trooper Jerry Gallagher's windows and it was dark. I went
back to the computer and searched the Internet for awhile reading storied
in the Authoritarian section of Nifty until about 10:00pm, then readied for
bed. My ass was a bit sore yet from my day with Amos, so I had removed it
also for the night. Before I crawled into bed I took one last look out the
window again, the lights were on in my trooper's window and the magazine
propped up in the window. My heart raced with excitement! The fog had
rolled in again so I knew it would be bitter cold. I put on sweats, my
Spalding Runners, my cap, my trench coat, making sure the tube of KY was in
the pocket. I checked on grandma and headed for you know where. Sore or
not, my trooper wanted me and I could not let him down. Just the thought of
being with him again excited me as I headed out the elite preteen naturist door.
As I started to j-walk across the street in the fog, a van squealed to a
stop almost hitting me. The driver's window went down and preteens have erections the driver
shouted obscenities at me. I stepped up to the window to apologize and I
noticed that the van was full of leather clad skinheads, none of which were
the two from this morning. I said, "Hey, I'm sorry dude! I didn't see you
coming in this fog!" I just happened to look up and Trooper Gallagher was
taking in the entire incident. He waved me to get back. At the same time,
the driver turned and said something to his buddies. The next thing I knew
two of them piled out the side door, grabbed me and shoved me head first
into the van and climbed in behind me holding me down going through my
pockets. They found the ten and two fives and one shoved it in his pocket,
then he pulled out the butt plug and KY that I had left in another pocket
and held them up to the others. He announced, "Look what we have here guys,
a fucking faggot and his equipment. Is this our lucky night or what!" He
shoved the plug and KY back into my pocket. The door slammed shut and the
tires squealed as I was held down and my sweatpants stripped from me.
One guy said, "You first Gill!" The other guy held me as Gill pulled his
dick out, spit on his hand, rubbed it on his dick a couple of times, preteener
feed it into me in seconds. Thank god, his dick was small, but he went at
me with vengeance. "Put the Amyl Nitrate to him Butch. It will get him
really working that ass over my dick." When his partner had the Ammo ready,
he had already dropped his load into preteenz nu me prematurely. Gill rolled off me,
held me down, took the Ammo bottle from his partner and said, "Your turn

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Saturday, August 4th 2012

12:00 AM

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